The Default IP Address of Wifi Router

IP Address

Router is a device that is used for fast and timely internet sharing and it is mostly bough by people for home broadband so that they can have access to the internet without any issue.

The universal IP address for all the router and modem devices is IP Login, while the universal configuration for such devices is, without which one cannot access the wireless wifi router. Configuration of the devices is necessary as without configuring one cannot change the password of the wifi network and for this one needs to use the private IP address which is www.192.168.l.254 fun website. The routers and modems that use this specific IP address are Aztech, billion, Motorola, Thompson, netopia, 2wire and century link. This router is usually allocated by the manufactures, and it is a default IP address for mainly broadband routers used at home.

How to use

This IP address can be used to make necessary changes in the router in the following manner:

  • Firstly, one needs to connect the PC to the router and then open the internet browser on the PC.
  • Then after this one needs to enter the IP address into the URL bar of the search engine to enter and continue.
  • After this a person is redirected to the login web page after which one is required to enter the default username and the default password.
  • This gives one the access to the settings of the router; then one can easily configure the router and also configure the password and the username.
  • Finally, after doing all this one can easily change the password and username according to their choice.

What if the IP address is not working?

So the IP address is a private IP address and is used as a default IP address which can also be changed by accessing the router interface but in case this IP address is not working:

    • Disabling the firewall
    • Check the connection between the PC and the wireless router.
    • Most importantly check whether the IP address is typed correctly or not.
    • If also this goes in vain then try and reset your router and then the computer.

Benefits of using the IP address

The is mainly used for securing the home network and for also adding password protection. Manufacturers set up this IP address so that the users can easily use it to set up a new password and username in order to prevent hacking of the internet network. This IP address has the following benefits:

  • This IP address is quite helpful in password protecting the router and also changing the password and username of the router.
  • It is the gateway to access the router for making the necessary changes.
  • It is also used to prevent hacking and unauthorized use by hackers and strangers.
  • It also helps in the solving troubleshoot problems that occur in the router.

This is an important IP address that proves to be quite helpful when it comes to changing of the router settings or accessing the router.


Hacking is in most times, an act of unauthorized intrusion into a computer system, a network or even a smart phone. It may be done by identifying weakness in the computer system and exploiting such weakness to gain access. Hackers are usually portrayed in movies and fictions as scientific gurus who tap into the computer network of governmental or big corporate organizations to perpetrate one cybercrime or the other,

but in reality and in this age, Hacking has become so popular and easily carried out that one does not have to be an exceptional programmer to be able to hack. Anyone can be a hacker including the next door teenager-through the help of the internet and several software on sales, which can easily be used by anyone.

Hacking has become a threat to not just the government, big corporate organizations, religious bodies but also to anyone that uses the internet, making people vulnerable to privacy violation, computer fraud, Identity theft, spam and other crimes that may result from hacking.


Script Kiddies This is a non skilled type of hacker who gains access to other peoples computer systems through the use of already made tools, example is the installation of a software to monitor other people’s activities on the internet.

HactivistA Hacker who sends social, religious, or political messages through hacking websites and leaving the messages on the hijacked website.

PhreakerA hacker who identifies, and exploits weaknesses in telephones instead of computers.

CrackerA hacker who gains unauthorized access to computer systems for personal gain.

Ethical Hackerthese are the minority hackers who gain access to fix identified weaknesses in a system.

Grey hatA hacker who is in between the cracker and the ethical hacker. He/she breaks into computer system without authority with a view to identify weakness and to reveals such to the system owner.

It is very important we know the various forms an hacking attack may take, and these are listed below :


DOS/DDOS-This means Denial of service, it is a kind of attack technique in which the hacked site or server is over loaded with traffic ,making it unable to process it's requests in real time, hence,collapsing such system.

FAKE WAP- A hacker may use a software to create a fake WAP which is then connected to the official public place WAP, if you mistakenly access the fake wap, it means the hacker can get access to your information

EAVES DROPPING(passive attack) - Through eaves dropping, the hacker monitors the computer systems and network passively in order to gain unauthorized information without harming the system.

COOKIE THEFT- cookies refer to the history of your personal activities on the system such as passwords, username, and browsing history. Once a hacker gains access to your cookies, such can impersonate you on the browser.

VIRUS, TROJAN etc - These are malicious software which after being installed on victims'systems, sends the victim's data to the hacker.

PHISHING- This occurs when the attacker uses a most accessed site to fish for password, financial data and other information from internet users. Example is when people 's sympathy is exploited through an aid seeking email. The email serves as a bait through which a link is sent to the intended victim to click on, once this is done, the victim downloads Trojan on his system unknowingly, making it possible for the hacker to gain access to his information. It is advisable not to click on any unfamiliar link in a mail, even when the link is familiar, it is safer to enter the address by yourself.

BAIT AND SWITCH - With this technique, a hacker runs a malicious program instead of the authentic version on the victim 's system, this way, the hacker gains unauthorized access to the victims information.

KEYLOGGER - This is a software that registers and records the key sequence and strokes of the keyboard into a log file on your system, this log files may contain personal email address and passwords. This is the major reason online banking sites usually give an option to use virtual keyboards.

In order to protect yourself from hackers,kindly take note of the
factors listed below


I. VPN- When connected to a public WIFI network it is advisable to use a VPN-Virtual Private Network. It encrypts all your traffic, making it impossible for a hacker to see what is being transmitted over the Wifi network. But you need to be careful to use a trustworthy VPN provider as one may not be able to know if the VPN providers themselves are keeping logs of one’s activities.

II. Maintain your Privacy!-Always ensure privacy settings on social media accounts are checked so that only people you want to share information with can actually see it.

III. Look for the padlock-Before logging in or registering on secure online services, always check to ensure there is a padlock symbol in front of the URL and the web address begins with “https://“

What our client says

IV. Never use the same password more than once especially for internet banking and social media. Create a different password for each online account that you may have and store them in a password manager such as ipassword or dashlane. Do not share your password with anyone and if you are worried that your account might have been hacked or your privacy violated in any way, kindly change your password and username Immediately.

V. Check before download-Before downloading applications into your phone or software on your computer, always check what application access is required,also check application ratings in the IOS or Google play store ,read reviews online and make sure you are downloading the official version.

VI. Stay up to date-Downloading software, application and program updates as soon as they are available is a good way to protect yourself, because such updates generally include improved security settings and patches that fix vulnerability. Also download up to date security programs, including antivirus, antimalware,anti-spy way and firewall.

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